Urbnlanes Kicks off Yellow Residence in Fifth Settlement

Urbnlanes Kicks off Yellow Residence in Fifth Settlement

UrbnLanes, one of the Emeel Abdulla Investment companies, intends to launch its unique investment project in Egypt, the Yellow Residence, which is the first of its kind, in the most distinguished area in the center of the Fifth Settlement, near the services places, on the main Suez Street, adopting the latest international methods of thought in construction operations. The latest architectural trends and the latest technologies indicate that the company relied on the implementation and operation of the project.

The company has a huge financial solvency, and managed to complete the project ahead before the scheduled deadline

The real estate developer has implemented three giant cities in Kuwait with all their constructions and infrastructure which are the projects of West Abdullah Mubarak, Sabah Al-Ahmad, and Al-Mutlaa City, with an investment volume exceeding billions of Kuwaiti dinars.

The Yellow Residence project is part of the Emeel Abdulla Group expansions in the Egyptian market, as the company intends to inject new investments into the Egyptian market during 2023, stressing that the Egyptian market is one of the most profitable and active in the Middle East regions, despite the high global inflation rates.

The incentives and attractions enjoyed by the Egyptian market prompted the company to expand its investment base in Egypt and succeed in completing its projects in record times. The company launched the new project to enhance its success and investments in Egypt, in addition to the company’s success in offering its project “East Lane” in the Fifth Settlement and implementing it in the fastest time and the shortest period, and also the high indicators of confidence among the client who surprised the company by buying the project and selling it in less than 4 hours.

However, the customer is the one who asked the company for new expansions in its projects. The customer is the company’s main goal, as the customer is the one who chooses the site and cares about designs according to the latest international trends, as well as interest in the system of pricing, maintenance, management, and operation. Thus, the company made huge efforts that impacted the customer and enhanced his trust levels.

The yellow residence is a residential compound, which will be built according to the latest international technologies, relying on fifth-generation technologies and environmentally friendly green construction. The project will be implemented within the scope of Cairo Governorate, in the Fifth Settlement area.

The project is located on the best piece of land in the Fifth Settlement, in a vital location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and minutes away from all essential areas, such as the airport, Al Rehab City, the American University, Madinaty, and the New Administrative Capital. It is located on the main Suez Road, at the entrance to Al-Rehab City, which is the site linking Cairo and all the vital areas, the capital, and every new area.

Concerning infrastructure and construction, the compound is one of the most distinguished Egyptian compounds, in terms of idea, implementation, and technology. It is the first of its kind regarding technology and unique architecture, as the company seeks to transfer technologically to Egypt, concerning architecture or landscapes and spaces, as the company seeks to present a distinguished project in terms of architecture and landscape, including all the tools and features of luxury and modernity.

In addition, the company relies on a group of the most powerful technology, design, and consulting firms, global offices, and project management, explaining that these companies are already working under the umbrella of Urbnlanes. The project will spread over an area of 27 acres, with a facade of more than 700 sqm. Hence, the company will adopt the latest new architectural facades in Egypt.

It is worth noting that the company relied on international companies in the implementation of projects, including the design, painting, facade implementation, landscape works, communications, and technological services, as the company presents the customer with one of its most important and luxurious projects.

Urbnlanes is a leading company in the Egyptian real estate market since 2005. Currently, with the promising investment opportunities in the Egyptian real estate market, the company decided to expand and take advantage of these promising opportunities, stressing the high return on investment in the Egyptian market.

The Egyptian market has a strong demand for investment in it, and the company is implementing several major projects in the Fifth Settlement and the Administrative Capital.

However, international companies have designed the project in cooperation with an office in Egypt, and the company has experience in implementing high-rise towers. In this type of project, there are various details in management and operation, and intelligence systems are relied upon in building maintenance.

The building is covered with solar energy systems to generate energy, taking into account the standards of sustainability and the implementation of an environmentally friendly building.

The company also owns commercial and administrative projects in New Cairo and is distinguished by the fact that it builds before starting to sell from the ground up, strengthening the element of confidence. And that’s a result of the enormous financial capabilities that the companies possess, as the company is preparing to finish a project now that it has not yet put on the market or even for marketing, it chose to build it before offering it to customers as a kind of enhancing the customer’s confidence in the company’s performance.

First Group is the contracting arm of Emeel Abdulla Company. It has been operating in Kuwait for about 36 years. It has implemented more than 100 projects and owns about 20 huge towers. Only after 6 months of announcing “East Line” and finalizing the execution of its concrete works and structures, about 8 months ahead of schedule, it sold out in less than 4 hours; due to the company’s strength, financial solvency, manpower, and experience. That indicates the company has contracted with the largest international consulting offices, architecture, operating, and project management companies to implement the new project. This proves that the company relies on bringing in and developing new technologies that take into account the interest of the customer in the implementation of its projects, all of which are environmentally friendly and original technologies.



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