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Invest-Gate’s 1st Roundtable in 2022 Discusses Real Estate Export and Future of Egypt’s Brokerage Market

Resuming its series of roundtables over 2022, Invest-Gate is to hold a roundtable in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) on March 28 at 09:00 am in the Nile Ritz Carlton. Hosting prominent Egyptian and international experts in the real estate sector, the round table carries the title “Real Estate Export & Brokerage Market’s Future.”

Egypt’s Real Estate Between Fragmented, Consolidated Brokers

Brokers typically fill the role of matching buyers with sellers, often in an environment of standards and norms that limit competition between professionals. Thus, Invest-Gate sheds light on the new amendments of the new brokerage law recently approved by the cabinet.

Real Estate Agent How To Be On Top Of The Game

In football, all teams compete to be on top; administrations, clubs’ owners, coaches, and players do their best to be number one, especially if they are keen on winning trophies and breaking records

Highest Yields Areas in 2017: East, West Cairo Take The Forefront

As 2017 is drawing to a close, Invest-Gate surveys a number of brokerage companies and platforms to learn more about the the highest yields areas this year, as well as, the highest yields compounds.

Egypt’s Brokers, Developers: Shared Grievances, Successes in an Ever-Expanding Sector

With the continuous expansion of Egypt’s real estate developments and projects, the relationship between broker and developer is constantly being defined and tested. Invest-Gate sheds light on the relationship between brokers and developers, highlighting the dynamics within the market, the current challenges in the aftermath of the recent monetary policies that saw the floatation of the Egyptian pound and hiking the interest rates, as well as, the current trends dominating the sector. (some research was provided by Nayrouz Talaat)

Developers and Brokers in the GCC: The Complete Picture

Provided by many qualified real estate brokers in GCC, brokerage in the Gulf region is a service that involves comparative market analysis, facilitation of a purchase or sale as well as managing, exchanging and auctioning property. Some real estate brokers also provide consultation based on a fee along with taking care of the client's’ property exposure too.

BYC seizes the Brokerage Market with an Edge

Real estate investment has become crucial to Egypt’s GDP and continues to be a safe-haven for individuals today, according to market analysts. In 2017 and and following the pound float and the ongoing economic reform, Egypt has witnessed massive projects being developed across its booming destinations, which were met with a strong purchase power despite all odds. Invest-Gate pays a special visit to BYC consultancy and brokerage firm and speaks to its founder and CEO Karim Ghoneim on the current investment climate, real estate trends, and the sector’s major challenges. Ghoneim sheds light on how the economic reform has affected the investment climate and the purchase power, and gives an insight on the dynamic market and its possible shifts in the future.

Developers vs. Agents: Who to Turn to for Property Resale?

As real estate consolidates its place as one of the prime sources of investment revenue in the country, property resale value has increasingly become one of the major determinants in any investment decision – from a small-scale individual homebuyer to a leading conglomerate looking for the ideal commercial space.

Sell Your Home Online Like a Pro in Four Easy Steps

Commonly, homeowners seek the help of real estate agents and small-scale brokers to sell their properties. Such endeavors can yield success or deem the process as a failure. However, in this time and age, where accessibility to such commodities has been digitized, preparation and marketing real estate can be more lucrative for the homeowner if done through online research and proper presentation.

6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent

The real estate landscape in Egypt is continuously evolving. Development projects are constantly underway to fulfill the demands of the country’s growing population. It can thus be quite difficult to purchase or sell property, especially if one is a novice in the real estate market. Finding a capable real estate agent can be a lifesaver.

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