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A look at Egypt’s Real Estate Sector Following CBE’s decision to Raise Loan Limit by 100%

In September 2022, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) raised the maximum limit for companies to borrow from government banks by 100% to EGP 500 mn without referring to it.

Massive Calls for New Frontier of Egypt’s Mortgage Market

To track down the opportunities presented in the mortgage market in light of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's new announcements, Invest-Gate takes a look on its recent developments and how it can remain solid amid COVID-19

Challenges Likely to Stress-Test Egypt Despite IMF Aid: Analysts

Invest-Gate reaches out to some economic analysts and researchers to share their insights on the IMF’s emergency assistance for Egypt and pinpoint the target markets and beneficiaries of this pandemic aid, opening a perfect window into what is happening across the Egyptian economy when facing turbulent financial times.

2020 Realty Bites: What if Next Cash Crash Hides in Plain Sight? – Part II

Against this backdrop, Invest-Gate draws reference lines on the indicators and reasons for a possible liquidity pothole across the local real estate sector. Better yet, we betoken ways of securing high reserves and evading the surge in cash outflows, ergo creating an ultra-leveraged business growth model for developers.

2020 Realty Bites: What if Next Cash Crash Hides in Plain Sight? – Part I

Everyone is welcoming the new year, whilst talks of a severe cash crunch in the Egyptian real estate industry are increasingly in the air. Lately, market experts have been pinpointing that there is enough evidence to suggest that several worrying signs could augur fresh strife for domestic businesses. Amid the varying payment facilities and flexible terms offered to lure as many buyers as possible, breakdowns are likely to formulate shortly before jeopardizing the developers' growth prospects.

New Property Fees & Taxes Ignite Controversies

Invest-Gate studies the extra charges partaking in your deal from all standpoints of both experts and buyers, devoting a special focus on the changing fees as well as newly-applied/introduced taxes.

Real Estate Stock Market: Weathering Instability in Wake of Monetary Changes

The Egyptian Stock Exchange’s real estate sector has been tremendously affected in the wake of new measures taken by the government to achieve its long-term economic growth and stability, according to analysts. Invest-Gate takes a deeper look into the real estate stock market. The article written by Nayrouz Talaat and Passant Darwish

CBE Launches Initiatives to Bolster Real Estate, Tourism Sectors

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has recently launched initiatives to support the country’s real estate and tourism sectors, providing low-interest loans with long maturity periods. Invest-Gate demonstrates such incentives that are to attract further investments to the country

Construction Costs to Further Escalate On Fuel Price Hikes

Egypt’s construction costs are to see a further increase after the government hiked fuel prices by up to 50% in order to help meet the terms of a USD 12 bn IMF loan deal, real estate developers and contractors anticipate. Invest-Gate explores the effects of the government’s recent decision to increase fuel prices on Egypt’s real estate market

Real Estate Funds To Uplift Egypt’s Property Market

Real estate experts believe that the launch of real estate investment funds in Egypt will encourage more individuals and developers to invest in Egypt’s property market, especially amid rising prices of residential units and the declining funding capacity of the banks. Invest-Gate explores the existing real estate investment funds in Egypt and their impact on the market.

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