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Real Estate Brokers are True Selling Factor in Property Sales

In light of the current challenges that the real estate sector is facing during the current period, such as the high inflation rate, the increase in building materials prices, the interest rate, and others, which requires the cooperation of all parties working in the real estate sector to overcome these crises.

Invest-Gate Sheds Light on Opportunities & Challenges of Exporting Real Estate & Brokerage Market

“Real Estate Export and Brokerage Market’s Future” roundtable by Invest-Gate, in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) on March 28, aimed at exchanging visions and proposals on ways to promote the Egyptian real estate in foreign markets and the future of the brokerage market.

RED hits Egypt With Bold Ambitious Moves

Following his profound years and leadership serving the real estate sector at Coldwell Banker Egypt, RED Chairman & CEO Khalid Bahig gives Invest-Gate an insight on his next business endeavor, the new property consultancy and brokerage firm called Real Estate Domain (RED) in Egypt, taking the real estate market to the next level based on research and market

Egypt’s Brokers, Developers: Shared Grievances, Successes in an Ever-Expanding Sector

With the continuous expansion of Egypt’s real estate developments and projects, the relationship between broker and developer is constantly being defined and tested. Invest-Gate sheds light on the relationship between brokers and developers, highlighting the dynamics within the market, the current challenges in the aftermath of the recent monetary policies that saw the floatation of the Egyptian pound and hiking the interest rates, as well as, the current trends dominating the sector. (some research was provided by Nayrouz Talaat)

Developers and Brokers in the GCC: The Complete Picture

Provided by many qualified real estate brokers in GCC, brokerage in the Gulf region is a service that involves comparative market analysis, facilitation of a purchase or sale as well as managing, exchanging and auctioning property. Some real estate brokers also provide consultation based on a fee along with taking care of the client's’ property exposure too.

Coldwell Banker New Homes, Your One-Stop Real Estate Shop

Despite the political turmoil of recent years and the harsh economic reform plan set by the government, the Egyptian real estate industry stays strong. As we approach the fourth quarter of 2017, recent international and domestic figures show the market picking up steadily. Invest-Gate sits with one of the industry’s icons, Mohamed Banany, Vice President of Coldwell Banker and Coldwell Banker New Homes in a thorough discussion about the status of the real estate market in general and the dynamic role Coldwell Banker New Homes plays as a market consultant and broker specifically, presenting its “One-Stop Real Estate Shop” strategy. Banany also puts an end to the “Real Estate Bubble” misconception.

Sloanes Real Estate KSA Explores Real Estate Brokerage Market in GCC

Specialized in buying, selling, and renting exceptional homes, Sloanes Real Estate is a boutique agency that managed to be one of the pioneers in the professional GCC real estate brokerage market. Invest- Gate goes behind scenes in real estate brokerage market across the region, mainly United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Here is a special interview with Arron Browne, managing director of Sloanes Real Estate KSA, to give us insights on the market’s latest trends and current status.

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