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Corona vs. Startups: Ticking Time-Bomb or Not?

How hard is the pandemic tightening its grip around the venture capital market? Since the road ahead seems far more daunting, Invest-Gate goes behind the scenes of Egypt’s startup companies and asks experts to identify the challenges arising in light of COVID-19, in an attempt to help entrepreneurs weather the storm.

2020 Realty Bites: What if Next Cash Crash Hides in Plain Sight? – Part I

Everyone is welcoming the new year, whilst talks of a severe cash crunch in the Egyptian real estate industry are increasingly in the air. Lately, market experts have been pinpointing that there is enough evidence to suggest that several worrying signs could augur fresh strife for domestic businesses. Amid the varying payment facilities and flexible terms offered to lure as many buyers as possible, breakdowns are likely to formulate shortly before jeopardizing the developers' growth prospects.

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