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Egypt’s Efforts Towards Decarbonization, Green Real Estate  

With the built environment driving close to 40% of global carbon emissions, green real estate is an unequivocal way to abate the climate crisis, and a key priority for future investments.

Unit Prices May Increase Following Construction Market Changes

The price of construction materials in Egypt has witnessed booming changes since the beginning of 2021, compared to previous year. This has been seen due to radical changes in local and international markets; in addition to that, the consequences of building materials price increase have cast a negative shadow on the Egyptian market. Accordingly, Invest-gate has conducted a survey to find out the main factors behind these changes and its impact on unit prices of various types in the near future.

Real Estate Scene After Flotation

How has the EGP flotation impacted the housing sector in terms of implementation costs? What kind of imprint do the latest whooping rises leave on both developers and contractors?

Egyptian Real Estate: Opportunities Vs Challenges

Invest-Gate lists the opportunities and challenges facing any investing developer in the Egyptian property market today.

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