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Egypt’s Efforts Towards Decarbonization, Green Real Estate  

With the built environment driving close to 40% of global carbon emissions, green real estate is an unequivocal way to abate the climate crisis, and a key priority for future investments.

The Yet to Be Building Requirements Law Explained

The Egyptian government has been working recently on various reformations on the real estate laws to govern the violations along with the new urban agenda. The new building requirements are one of the laws that will be issued soon after a long time of discussions and amendments from several bodies of the Egyptian authority. Therefore, Invest-Gate endeavors to elaborate the law in the simplest way to give you an overall idea about it.

Current Status of Construction Chunk in Egypt’s Property Market

Facing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has crippled several industries to varying degrees including the construction industry, which is linked to more than 200 subsectors, from cement and ready-mixed concrete to bricks and machinery, and a large share of domestic employment.

Depicting the Construction Industry during the Pandemic

Invest-Gate digs into this industry and asks game players about the impact of the construction sector on the economy during this hard time.

Building Violations Bring Out Tailor-Made Pandemic for Real Estate

Over the years, building violations have posed a tremendous dilemma in Egypt. Correspondingly, the Egyptian government recently imposed a six-month ban on building permits, halting the construction of private housing in various urban cities. Invest-Gate digs deep into the matter and reaches out to several market experts to scrutinize this decision-making, which comes into effect after Egypt called for reconciliation over construction infractions recently, aiming to outline the law’s impact on private property developers and the overall real estate landscape. 

COVID-19 Effect on Those Across This Sector

The coronavirus effect on the real estate sector is still questionable especially with the ongoing work on urban projects, and the state’s desire to keep the balance between work and their safety and health. Thus Invest-Gate displays the impact of the pandemic on those working in real estate, mainly construction and architecture. Here is what is going on in some firms amid the outbreak and the worldwide precautionary measures.

Flexible Offices: Youngest Commercial Real Estate Trend

Invest-Gate looks into the flexible office business model, attempting to reach an in-depth study of its benefits, challenges, and potentiality.

Egypt’s Construction Workers: Resilience Through Negligence

Construction work is a vital part of the Egyptian economy, providing countless employment and infrastructure opportunities around the country; however, workers in the field still suffer from low job security, have no access to medical and life insurances, and receive no pension despite being at risk for some major injuries that can, at times, be fatal

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