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Egypt MLS Unveils Digital Trading Doorway

Egypt MLS has succeeded in becoming a major shift for the Egyptian real estate industry toward the digitalization era. The company prepares to launch a real estate trading digital platform through its IDX technology, named “Egymls.com.” The trial operations for this technology already started this month. As a result, Egypt MLS managed to put such digital methods on the roadmap of real estate trading globally.

Schneider Electric Showcases Digital Solutions to Achieve Sustainability in Smart Cities During Participation in MIPIM Exhibition

This interview aims to highlight Schneider Electric's digital solutions and applications that contribute to achieving sustainability and energy efficiency in smart cities.

Did Corona Fast-Track Adoption of Digital Tools in Real Estate?

The real estate sector seemed always a bit conservative, mostly unresponsive to innovation. Just a couple of years back, not many countries had a digital public ledger of properties. With time, digital solutions are firmly taking bit by bit over in the property business; not to mention the rise off the pandemic COVID-19 has ensued need for social distancing, cleanliness, and minimal contact, and changed technology’s role from nice-to-have into a must-have.

New Year Makes Way for Digital Housing Boom

As the forecast of the real estate market in the coming years remains unclear, digital housing, along with some innovative real estate smart solutions, have become promising products for future investors.

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