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Invest-Gate Celebrates Five Years of Leadership

Since its launch, Invest-Gate has been devoted to tackling all mean necessary to uplift the real estate market in Egypt, objectively showcasing its latest developments from public and private sectors alike through its multi-information platform digital and print; in addition to its on-ground activities, including its strategic roundtables, opening new doors for investment opportunities in this industry and putting an end to the challenges that hinder this market from prospering

Whatever Happened to Summer Homes in 2020?

Summer is the time when most people head to their vacation houses on the North Coast or the Red Sea, fueling an appetite for first-time buyers and potential investors to hop on the bandwagon. But summer 2020 is unlike any other; appetite for leisure property purchases is somewhat suppressed during this supposedly "always-busy" holiday. This was mainly due to the Coronavirus crisis, which changed the facets of the Egyptian summer property market. 

Shoukry: Egypt’s Real Estate Market Progresses

“ We urge real estate developing companies to proceed with their projects, emphasizing the importance of serious precautionary measures to protect employees,”Head of the Real Estate Development Chamber Mr. Tarek Shoukry opens up.

Advertorial: Pavillion Architects Shapes the Easy-Care Design World

Invest-Gate talks with Yasser Assem, chairman and CEO of Pavillion Architects, one of Egypt’s long-established architecture company, to discuss his vision of creating bespoke designs. After a long history of making bold moves, the market guru voices the fruitful end-to-end experience and sound tactics that his business has managed to hold for enhancing projects’ productivity and boosting profits, even during uncertain times.

Female Professionals in Real Estate: Dominating or Struggling?

Invest-Gate interviews a number of leading and successful female professionals in the real estate brokerage, marketing, and public relations (PR) fields to know more about the gains and hurdles of working in this challenging sector.

Adapting to Market New Changes is Key to Success: ARDIC’s Dowidar

Invest-Gate sits with ARDIC for Real Estate Development and Investments’ CEO Ashraf Dowidar to get an overview of the Egyptian economy in general and the real estate sector in specific. Dowidar also shares details about his latest projects, as well as, marketing strategies during the holy month of Ramadan.

Egypt’s Construction Workers: Resilience Through Negligence

Construction work is a vital part of the Egyptian economy, providing countless employment and infrastructure opportunities around the country; however, workers in the field still suffer from low job security, have no access to medical and life insurances, and receive no pension despite being at risk for some major injuries that can, at times, be fatal

Egypt’s Investment Climate Progresses: Colliers’ Ian Albert

After years of turmoil, Egypt has proved itself resilient to headwinds and started to reap the fruits of economic reform. Believing that Egypt has the potential to attracting more investments, Invest-Gate met up with Ian Albert, Colliers International Middle East & North Africa regional director at Cityscape Conference, which took place on March 12 and 13, for an in-depth discussion about the investment climate in Egypt and the real estate market

Retirement Market: Is Egypt On The Map

After a phase of volatility in the Egyptian economy, the real estate market is still attracting inflows as it benefits from the positive aspects of the floatation imposed by the central bank last year. As the market booms, and with 10% of Egypt’s population above the age of 65, the need for retirement homes is hiking, awaiting developers to put together sustainable projects to serve a never-ending demand

Highest Yields Areas in 2017: East, West Cairo Take The Forefront

As 2017 is drawing to a close, Invest-Gate surveys a number of brokerage companies and platforms to learn more about the the highest yields areas this year, as well as, the highest yields compounds.

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