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Challenges Likely to Stress-Test Egypt Despite IMF Aid: Analysts

Invest-Gate reaches out to some economic analysts and researchers to share their insights on the IMF’s emergency assistance for Egypt and pinpoint the target markets and beneficiaries of this pandemic aid, opening a perfect window into what is happening across the Egyptian economy when facing turbulent financial times.

Egypt Economic Reforms Thus Far: Challenges & Achievements

Invest-Gate puts Egypt’s latest achievements under the spotlight, thereby scrutinizing a bunch of macroeconomic indicators and evaluating the country's current standing in early 2020, in terms of financial structure and economic growth, in the wake of these fine-tuned revisions.

Does Economy Directly Alter Housing Market?

Invest-Gate provides an in-depth analysis of the distinct economic trends you must thoroughly scrutinize to know if any housing market is improving or not, particularly in Egypt.

Real Estate Agent: Granting Residency to Foreigners

In an attempt to enrich the market, Egypt’s cabinet ratified last July the state’s residency-for-property law, allowing foreigners to acquire a five-year residency in Egypt in return for owning properties worth nearly USD 400,000.

The executive regulations for the residency law are underway fine-tuning and will be issued within a month or so. In this regard, Invest-Gate delves into the newly amended law to evaluate its potential in rendering the Egyptian economy as well as reviving the real estate industry.

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