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Invest-Gate Concludes 21st Roundtable: “The Secret Formula for Successful Real Estate Investments”

Invest-Gate held its first roundtable in 2024, and the 21st in its series of events, on Wednesday, February 14, to discuss the best ways to unlock the vast investment potential of the Egyptian real estate sector. The roundtable delved deep into different real estate investment vehicles and financing strategies. It also addressed the supportive role of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) in the real estate market.

Invest-Gate Celebrates Six Splendid Years of Success

Being the voice of Egypt’s booming real estate sector, Invest-Gate celebrates six years of triumph as the market’s top publication and news source, covering the latest developments and landmark deals that shape the industry to this day.

Invest-Gate’s Roundtable Discusses Egypt’s Real Estate Market Tools to Confront Running Economic Crises

Opening its series of roundtables over 2023, Invest-Gate holds a roundtable, in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA), shedding light on recent global economic crises and how they affected the performance of Egypt’s real estate market. The roundtable takes place on January 31st, 2023 at 09:00 am in the Nile Ritz Carlton. Hosting prominent experts in the Egyptian real estate sector, the roundtable carries the title “Egypt’s Real Estate Market Vs. Economic Crises.”

Invest-Gate Sheds Light on Opportunities & Challenges of Exporting Real Estate & Brokerage Market

“Real Estate Export and Brokerage Market’s Future” roundtable by Invest-Gate, in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) on March 28, aimed at exchanging visions and proposals on ways to promote the Egyptian real estate in foreign markets and the future of the brokerage market.

Invest-Gate Issues Roundtable Recommendations on Real Estate Export & Brokerage Market Future in Egypt

Activities of “Real Estate Export & Brokerage Market’s Future”roundtable organized by Invest-Gate conclude on March 28, in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA), aiming to introduce effective solutions to support the export of real estate and improve the performance of the brokerage market in Egypt.

Invest-Gate’s 1st Roundtable in 2022 Discusses Real Estate Export and Future of Egypt’s Brokerage Market

Resuming its series of roundtables over 2022, Invest-Gate is to hold a roundtable in collaboration with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) on March 28 at 09:00 am in the Nile Ritz Carlton. Hosting prominent Egyptian and international experts in the real estate sector, the round table carries the title “Real Estate Export & Brokerage Market’s Future.”

Invest-Gate Celebrates Five Years of Leadership

Since its launch, Invest-Gate has been devoted to tackling all mean necessary to uplift the real estate market in Egypt, objectively showcasing its latest developments from public and private sectors alike through its multi-information platform digital and print; in addition to its on-ground activities, including its strategic roundtables, opening new doors for investment opportunities in this industry and putting an end to the challenges that hinder this market from prospering

Invest-Gate Lands in MIPIM 2022

Invest-Gate becomes MIPIM 2022 media partner, representing Egypt’s real estate market with its special MIPIM issue and accompanying Egypt’s officials and market dynamic players

Invest-Gate’s Bab El Ezz is Back with A Special Care for 150 Students with Disabilities

After a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, Invest-Gate is to resume its CSR activities for 2022 starting with the return of its Bab El Ezz charitable sohour this Ramadan on April 13, 2022

Invest-Gate to Discuss the Future of Commercial Real Estate in Egypt

Completing Invest-Gate’s series of roundtables over 2021, Invest-Gate is to hold a roundtable the future of commercial real estate in Egypt under its title “Going Commercial...The Future of Egypt’s Real Estate Market” in cooperation with the Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA) on December 8, 2021. The roundtable will focus on the increased demand on commercial products in the capital and new cities and how attracting local and international investments could open many job opportunities.

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