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Public-Private Partnerships: Salvation to Growth in Crisis

In an attempt to avert the erosion of likely future growth of PPPs and catalyze the involvement of private players, Invest-Gate seeks to scrutinize the bottlenecks and shortcomings real estate companies face when carrying out co-development projects, opting to navigate stumbling blocks ahead and bidding to boost efforts to strengthen the business climate for these well-heeled partnerships.   

2020 Realty Bites: What if Next Cash Crash Hides in Plain Sight? – Part II

Against this backdrop, Invest-Gate draws reference lines on the indicators and reasons for a possible liquidity pothole across the local real estate sector. Better yet, we betoken ways of securing high reserves and evading the surge in cash outflows, ergo creating an ultra-leveraged business growth model for developers.

2020 Realty Bites: What if Next Cash Crash Hides in Plain Sight? – Part I

Everyone is welcoming the new year, whilst talks of a severe cash crunch in the Egyptian real estate industry are increasingly in the air. Lately, market experts have been pinpointing that there is enough evidence to suggest that several worrying signs could augur fresh strife for domestic businesses. Amid the varying payment facilities and flexible terms offered to lure as many buyers as possible, breakdowns are likely to formulate shortly before jeopardizing the developers' growth prospects.

Opinion: Windows Onto Real Estate Funds

Real estate funds help create growth in the property market by driving the “institutional” type of activity on the buy side, in addition to offering fund investors the opportunity to diversify their project portfolio and enter the commercial/retail market at a fraction of the whole asset ticket prices.

REITs: Real Wealth Machine – Part II

Most dealers focusing their bets on real estate assets have always been craving for hassle-free exposure to the property sector. Over the years, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have evolved to be one of the fine-tuned tactics to stimulate penetration into the market without the worry of ongoing maintenance, management tasks, and ever-changing policies.

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