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  • New 4th Generation Cities: The New Map of Egypt
    The Real Deal

    New 4th Generation Cities: The New Map of Egypt

    Wednesday, 26 December 2018

    Invest-Gate tours some of Egypt's fourth-generation new cities and sheds light on their locations, areas, facilities, and investments.

  • Upper Egypt: ‘Back To The Future’
    The Real Deal: Investment

    Upper Egypt: ‘Back To The Future’

    Monday, 6 November 2017

    Egypt’s government has been undergoing a major development process, investing millions to build affordable housing projects to accommodate its growing population as part of a nationwide ‘Million-Housing-Unit’ plan. Upper Egypt, a region, which has been ignored for decades and given less attention compared to Greater Cairo and the Delta, is undergoing a major overhaul with the implementation of new cities and the construction of thousands of housing units and facilities. Invest-Gate sheds light on the housing projects in the new Upper Egyptian cities, as well as, efforts made by the private sector to invest in these emerging areas