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ALIVA: Where Experiences Come Alive

Mountain View Introduces The Biggest Innovative City in Mostakbal City, New Cairo.
When it comes to living spaces, some say luxury and nice views are what define true happiness. But many would beg to differ, arguing that cultivating happiness within residential communities requires a more creative approach. Mountain View, as Egypt’s main pioneer in building harmonious communities, unveils its newest venture, “ALIVA”, which goes beyond just being innovative as it sets a new standard of excellence for the property and community developments of the future. Invest-Gate reveals the secrets behind this wonderful and vibrant city in its exclusive interview with Mountain View’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Eng. Amr Soliman.

Mountain View hosts panel discussion in COP27’s Green Zone and signs an MOU with the Federation of Egyptian Industries

Mountain View signed an MOU with the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) to establish vocational training centers across the country throughout the next five years.

Heartwork Introduces All-New HQ500 For An Innovative Business Hub

Heartwork innovated by Mountain View, introduced one-of-a-kind “HQ500” as the latest product. It aims to revolutionize the business scene by providing tailor-made buildings to elevate employee’s productivity and nurture their innovative talents. Heartwork is the first international business hub in Egypt, designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience of innovative solutions and privacy to all business types.

“Happy Living” at Mountain View’s Integrated Communities

Integrating world-class innovation with deeply rooted authenticity: Mountain View sets the bar high for a happy and meaningful life. Fully dedicated to delivering the best, known for its signature white and blue architecture as well as exquisite landscapes, Mountain View has been synonymous with innovation in design and unparalleled lifestyles.

Spearheading Real Estate Demand: The Prevailing Case of Digital Transformation

Real estate developers talk to Invest-Gate about the sector’s recovery on operational and financial levels during the second half of 2020. They shed light on the driving forces behind the burgeoning rise in real estate demand, on top of which is digitalization. In addition, they delve into what they consider a safety net for investments in these turbulent times.

Real Estate Keeps Egyptian Economy Buoyant Despite Crises

As a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak emerges, Invest-Gate attempts to explore the dynamic relationship between economic growth and real estate, reaching out to several key market players to find their insights on the role of the brick-and-mortar industry in pushing the Egyptian economy forward, despite the global disruption due to the continued health crisis.

How Has Coronavirus Changed Real Estate Demand & Buying Power?

To what extent did the outbreak skew buying trends in Egypt? What are the affordable price points in the face mask era? And how to assess consumer affordability to adjust real estate prices accordingly? Invest-Gate takes these concerns to local realty players who will define the post-Coronavirus consumer behavior and dynamics, in a bid to spark rebound in real estate demand by understanding market conditions. 

Real Estate During Coronavirus: to Invest or Not to Invest?

With Egypt being one of the largest rising realty sectors in the MENA region for the past couple of years, we happen to bump into the question of how safe it is to gamble on real estate amid the pandemic. Invest-Gate takes these auguries to local market players to figure the bottom line.

Reconciliation Law Leaves Property Developers Hopeful for Better Future

Following an in-depth analysis of the bottom line, back when all ongoing private housing work came to a six-month halt until owners present unit masterplans to verify fitting with building codes, Invest-Gate provides updates on the controversy over Egypt’s Construction Violations Reconciliation Law. We also give an assortment of developers' reflection entries to draw a complete picture of this so-called "tailor-made pandemic for real estate."

Life After Coronavirus: Medical Care in Urban Communities

Invest-Gate examines the extent to which COVID-19 led to a surge in the need for medical care within Egypt’s new mixed-use developments, therefore scrutinizing the impediments to the wide inclusion of health services within these communities to help property developers respond to this rising consumer need through their newly-crafted masterplans.

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