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Dubleuse Expands in New Cairo After Success Of ‘District People’ Project

Leading real estate development company Dubleuse has announced its expansion plans following
the widespread success of its new project District People, a commercial administrative venture in
one of the prime locations in New Cairo's Administrative District One.

2023 Updates on Real Estate Projects in NAC

With a gigantic area of 170,000 feddans, the New Administrative Capital is the ultimate manifestation of the urban and modernization revolution in Egypt. The city hosts a myriad of projects by various developers.

Is NAC the Winning Bet to Attract Gulf Investments?

With the continued expansion of the Egyptian economy, the government proposes many mega projects, with intentions to promote their projects in various international forums held inside and outside Egypt. Investors are eyeing these opportunities.

Why Do Investors Prefer NAC’s Mixed-Use Projects?

The New Administrative Capital represents a glimpse of hope for the Egyptian real estate sector. Therefore, the new capital projects shouldn’t be overlooked in any discussion regarding the performance of the sector. NAC’s projects have adopted many new real estate strategies, including sustainability, modern technologies, and mixed-use projects. Mixed-use buildings are not a modern-day invention, but the launch of the new capital gave it a second life, as real estate development companies increased the volume of their investments in them. Mixed-use projects are also popular among customers due to their high ROI.

The Government’s Move to the NAC … A New Step Towards the New Republic

With the beginning of the year 2023, the gradual moving of the government employees and bodies to the new headquarters in the Governmental District of the New Administrative Capital started after all necessary preparations have been completed. Moving to the new capital is a milestone and an important stage, as it constitutes a significant leap in government performance and upgrading work mechanisms at various levels.

4th Generation Cities: Egypt’s Urbanization Dream Towards Achieving Sustainable Development

Egypt started executing fourth generation cities according to a tight schedule and based on global standards to achieve sustainable urban expansion, following Egypt's 2030 strategy.

Sky AD. Launches Capital Avenue in NAC

Building on the success of Residence Eight, Sky AD. launches its second project, Capital Avenue, at the New Administrative Capital, the largest commercial project strategically located in R8 district

Demand for Administrative & Commercial Units Skyrocket Despite Uncertainties

Against all odds and despite the remote work shift the world has witnessed in the past two years, demand on commercial and administrative units in the Egyptian real estate market has skyrocketed, especially across new cities despite uncertainties. Invest-Gate digs deep into this market drive as it is deemed a new market niche for investment opportunities

A Quick Look on Demand in NAC & New Alamein City

With all 40 something new cities, currently underway, gearing up for a big first phase launch sometime this year, several real estate developers and agents across the sector have intensified their marketing campaigns to sell their residential projects in those new cities especially across New Administrative Capital (NAC), New Alamein City, El Galala City, and New Mansoura. Most have secured their target sales given their flexible payment terms and variety of unit sizes, catering to all social classes and purchase power especially in the two highly anticipated cities of NAC and New Alamein

Developers Wisdom on Egypt’s 2021 Real Estate Forecast After Modest Deficits in 2020

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, Invest-Gate reaches out to a panel of Egypt-based real estate developers to identify the extent to which this year's realty sector stands in stark contrast to previous periods amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, attempting to determine what could the 2021 property market have in store.

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