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Real Estate Marketing Frontier During Ramadan

Invest-Gate digs through Ramadan’s real estate marketing campaigns in Egypt, while trying to deduce the actual outcome of these promotional strategies, in the context of a growing housing sector and a strong rivalry among property developers.

Developers’ CSR Initiatives: Giving Back To Society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept started to attract attention in the 1960s, but has become more popular among most big companies in recent years. Developers too started focusing on how their behavior might affect society and the environment by leaving a positive impact through a number of CSR initiatives. For Ramadan, the month of goodness and charity, Invest-Gate sheds some light on some of the Egyptian developers’ efforts to give back to the society

Palm Hills Developments: One Leader Amongst Aggressive Real Estate Competition

Invest-Gate sits with PHD’s CCO Mona El-Helw to look back at the growth of Egypt’s most vibrant market and where it is headed today. El-Helw also reveals PHD’s upcoming projects and plans, continuously uplifting the real estate sector in Egypt

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