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Egypt is Empowering Its Property Market in H1 2023 Against All Odds

The first half of 2023 brought many challenges for the global economy, disrupting the international supply chains due to the continuation of the Russia Ukraine war. These circumstances caused a wave of inflation that hit various countries of the world. The impact of inflation rippled through various economic sectors, worsened by the central banks' tight monetary policies seeking to curb it.

Will the “3% Mortgage Initiative” Lead to A Promising Market Shift?

To finance its housing program across the low- and middle-class segment of the Egyptian society, the government has set the “3% Mortgage Initiative” proposal.

How Has Coronavirus Changed Real Estate Demand & Buying Power?

To what extent did the outbreak skew buying trends in Egypt? What are the affordable price points in the face mask era? And how to assess consumer affordability to adjust real estate prices accordingly? Invest-Gate takes these concerns to local realty players who will define the post-Coronavirus consumer behavior and dynamics, in a bid to spark rebound in real estate demand by understanding market conditions. 

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