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Experts: Building Materials Price Instability Threatens Real Estate Investors

The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 2022 and the resulting disruption of supply chains put more pressure on input prices worldwide, pushing inflation rates to record levels. Egypt also had to face the consequences of this war.

Mortgage Finance Companies: The Savior of the Real Estate Sector

Amid the present challenges facing the real estate sector in Egypt, everyone is betting on mortgage finance as an ideal solution to mitigate and face these challenges, which include the depreciation of the EGP against the USD, the increase in the prices of building materials, and the rising interest rate. Such challenges prompted developers to restructure their plans, and consider all available financing options to enhance their financial to be able to complete their projects.

Inflation, High-Interest CDs Could Slow Down Egyptian Real Estate Market in Q1 2023

Egypt's real estate market is expected to slow down in the first quarter of 2023 due to the introduction of high-interest certificates of deposit (CDs) and inflation.

7 Tips to Follow Before Buying Your Dream Home in 2023

Real estate is among the most traditional means of investment, being a safe haven for long-term investors.

Egypt’s Real Estate Market Performance in 2022: Price Increase & Sales Volume Rise

Although witnessing a surge price of energy, building materials, and real estate industry inputs, Egypt's real estate market has seen a sort of stability during 2021. As for 2022, real estate experts have an optimistic look at market performance, expecting a stable supply, strong demand on all unit types, along with a normal price at annual rates

Unit Prices May Increase Following Construction Market Changes

The price of construction materials in Egypt has witnessed booming changes since the beginning of 2021, compared to previous year. This has been seen due to radical changes in local and international markets; in addition to that, the consequences of building materials price increase have cast a negative shadow on the Egyptian market. Accordingly, Invest-gate has conducted a survey to find out the main factors behind these changes and its impact on unit prices of various types in the near future.

Egypt’s New Urban Development Plan Shifts Demand

For decades, Egyptians have lived in clutter, where their houses, essential services, and transportation were haphazardly close; therefore, to transform their lives or to relocate and encourage them to move to the capital outskirts or to new cities- that are far from finished and not self-sufficient- remains a challenge today.

E-Commerce Boom Puts Commercial Real Estate on Fast Forward

E-commerce growth is not necessarily bad news for the commercial real estate scene. In fact, it appears that e-commerce adoption does not necessarily mean the gradual disappearance of commercial properties. The reason is that online retailing's supply chain operations require more warehouse and logistics spaces to ease product delivery to consumers. 

Realty Check for 2019

Invest-Gate delves into the Egyptian real estate sector, aiming to determine if it is a worthwhile investment or not.

Egypt’s Real Estate Forecast in 2019

Invest-Gate presents forecasts for Egypt's housing market in 2019, aiming to give you the anticipated market picture as we embark on a new real estate year.

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