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How Has Coronavirus Changed Real Estate Demand & Buying Power?

To what extent did the outbreak skew buying trends in Egypt? What are the affordable price points in the face mask era? And how to assess consumer affordability to adjust real estate prices accordingly? Invest-Gate takes these concerns to local realty players who will define the post-Coronavirus consumer behavior and dynamics, in a bid to spark rebound in real estate demand by understanding market conditions. 

Coronavirus Fuels Revolution in Hotel Industry

Since abruptly the sharpest and fittest will only come out of the current tough wave, Invest-Gate lays out the flow of spillovers from Coronavirus shocks on the hotel sector, attempting to help owners/operators craft ways to steer through today's uncharted territory and buffer potential negative impacts on businesses. 

Real Estate Seasonality Roller Coaster Ride

Invest-Gate looks at seasonality from all angles to determine the reasons behind the boom-to-bust market activity in specific months of the year and the cool off in other times.

Second-Home Market Insights

Invest-Gate pinpoints the most notable reforms and trends in the new coastal spots, in terms of purchasing power, determinants for owning vacation residences, desirable locations, sought-after facilities and features, and most importantly, investment potentials.

Home Buyers’ Trends in 2018

Invest-Gate will give you a detailed review of the buyers’ trends in 2018 and what they are tending to do in the real estate market, especially with the economic changes taking place in the region.

Investing in Real Estate: The Complete Guide

The real estate market is flourishing today, creating new trends and fading old ones. Invest-Gate gives you the complete guide on property purchase across the capital

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