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Maspero Triangle: From Slums to Skyscrapers

Once was a risky, random habitation, now is called the “diamond stone” of the Cairo city center.  Maspero triangle is being completely altered and formalized to imitate Dubai and its towering skyscrapers. Passing by there, you would be obsessed by the airy buildings and the new shape the area is customized for. Invest-Gate digs deep into this area as it is deemed a new prolific, prosperous life for its inhabitances and the whole country.

COVID-19 Effect on Those Across This Sector

The coronavirus effect on the real estate sector is still questionable especially with the ongoing work on urban projects, and the state’s desire to keep the balance between work and their safety and health. Thus Invest-Gate displays the impact of the pandemic on those working in real estate, mainly construction and architecture. Here is what is going on in some firms amid the outbreak and the worldwide precautionary measures.

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