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Consumer Purchasing Power: Headwinds & Way Out

Invest-Gate examines the current status of Egypt’s property market, while casting an eye over and assessing affordability among different income groups to guide the way out of the extending slowdown in purchasing power.

Egypt To Put a Law Into Action

The government has already taken many steps to lure foreign investment to Egypt, setting laws to facilitate ownership of real estate properties and obtaining residency permits. Morgan-Lister is not out of the ordinary. She is among many foreign retirees who have packed their bags and moved from their countries, where it is cold and dreary, to sunny Egypt

Retirement Market: Is Egypt On The Map

After a phase of volatility in the Egyptian economy, the real estate market is still attracting inflows as it benefits from the positive aspects of the floatation imposed by the central bank last year. As the market booms, and with 10% of Egypt’s population above the age of 65, the need for retirement homes is hiking, awaiting developers to put together sustainable projects to serve a never-ending demand

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