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2020 Back-to-School List: Build Education Projects in Gated Communities

In an attempt to rate the quality of life in the different new cities of Egypt, Invest-Gate exhibits the current efforts being undertaken by private real estate developers channeling their investments and resources to cater to the educational system of these potentially revolutionary urban areas. We aim to review how market players prioritize projects according to what contributes to improving living standards, while they also stick to the state's sustainable development goals.

What Does the 2020 Crystal Ball Hold for Real Estate?

While it is impossible to predict the market's exact direction during the upcoming period, Invest-Gate asks several senior property professionals to look into their crystal ball, thereby taking a deep dive into a pool of forecasts for 2020, as well as, scrutinizing the latest real estate trends and data. We also seek answers to the million-dollar question that will perhaps influence the local investors’ future plans: "How will the housing market shake out next year?"

Home Automation & Smart Appliances: New Concept for Living

Invest-Gate highlights the latest smart home solutions and technologies, while reviewing the potentiality of the Egyptian market in terms of production, product availability, and consumptive demand.

What Makes A+ Compounds More Costly!

One may find a developer offering a stand-alone villa in a compound for EGP 20 mn, while another developer sells a similar villa of the same exact surface area for EGP 10 mn. Do you wonder why?

Meet the Woman Who Reshaped La Hacienda Ras Sudr: Sarah Youssef

Marketing-whiz-turned-general-manager in only a few years time; Youssef took the first step of her professional career back in 2002 working in the marketing department of Orascom Hotels & Developments, followed by El Gouna & Taba Heights where she extensively learnt about real estate, hotels, and destination marketing

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