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Ramadan Guide: Venues That Cater To Every Preference

With Ramadan fast approaching, Cairo is preparing for a month of daily feasts and cozy suhoors. Beyond the usual family gatherings, series binge-watching, and late night nibbling, it is the city’s Ramadan tents and suhoor hubs that add a little sparkle to the daily routine of Egyptians during the holy month

Developers’ CSR Initiatives: Giving Back To Society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concept started to attract attention in the 1960s, but has become more popular among most big companies in recent years. Developers too started focusing on how their behavior might affect society and the environment by leaving a positive impact through a number of CSR initiatives. For Ramadan, the month of goodness and charity, Invest-Gate sheds some light on some of the Egyptian developers’ efforts to give back to the society

Egypt’s Dynamite Growth Areas in 2017

Egypt is generally witnessing increased investments in the real estate sector for it being a safe haven against continuous inflationary pressures, yet some geographical areas experienced growth and demand more than others

SODIC To Land in Abu Dhabi with Nile Property Expo

Joining the Nile Property Expo’s worldwide tour taking off this month in Abu Dhabi, Egyptian property developer giant, Sixth October Development and Investment Company “SODIC” is to present its latest projects to the GCC market, following the high
demand received from Egyptian expats and Arabs alike. SODIC Managing Director Magued Sherif shares his insight on the Egyptian real estate market, tackling opportunities and challenges. SODIC has gained unbeatable recognition in Egypt and the Middle East, presenting modern thinking when it comes to the Egyptian home buying and living culture.

The Nile Property Expo World Tour kicks Off Next Month

Under the slogan Misr Betaarablek “Egypt is Getting Closer,” Expo Republic flies across the world to showcase Egypt’s real estate market to Egyptian expats and international investors. Invest-Gate sits with the Founder of the Nile Property Expo and Expo Republic Chairman Dr. Bassem Kalila in a one-on-one interview to learn more about the aim and objective of this global venture before its first stop in Abu Dhabi next month. Kalila also reveals where the Nile Property Expo heads next on its 2018 world tour

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