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Inflation Rates Impact on Egypt’s Tourism Sector: Insights from Industry Experts

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has resulted in a significant acceleration of global inflation rates, affecting numerous economic sectors. As a result, both investors and individuals have been compelled to curtail spending and seek alternatives amid the continuous rise in prices.

Knippenberg Highlights The Importance of ESG Ecosystems in Real Estate

In an exclusive interview with Invest Gate, CEO of Kerten Hospitality Marloes Knippenberg highlights the need for a shift towards ESG investments, operations and Ecosystems. She shares insights about the rollout of the Group's ESG-focused ethos across all properties, pipeline of developments as well as operations - a strategy that centers around Locality, support for the communities around projects and an embrace of a more sustainable operations mode

Coronavirus Fuels Revolution in Hotel Industry

Since abruptly the sharpest and fittest will only come out of the current tough wave, Invest-Gate lays out the flow of spillovers from Coronavirus shocks on the hotel sector, attempting to help owners/operators craft ways to steer through today's uncharted territory and buffer potential negative impacts on businesses. 

Sporting Events: What’s in for Host Country?

Invest-Gate underlines the wide spectrum of benefits sports events provide for host destinations, while highlighting the impact of 2019 AFCON on Egypt in specific.

Egyptian Real Estate: Opportunities Vs Challenges

Invest-Gate lists the opportunities and challenges facing any investing developer in the Egyptian property market today.

A Glimpse Into Commercial Real Estate Market (Part 3: Hospitality)

The hospitality sector continued to act as the main supporter of the overall commercial real estate sector, with Cairo’s hotel supply remaining steady and occupancy rates showing positive trends over the course of the first nine months of this year

Top 15 Quotes from Invest-Gate 2nd Roundtable

Invest-Gate held its second roundtable, named “Real Estate Tourism Development," on October 23 under the auspices of the Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, covering a wide range of topics and suggesting a number of important recommendations, and these are some of the most powerful and influential quotes said by top real estate market leaders during the event

Tour to Invest in Greater Cairo

Cairo remains one of the oldest cities in history with diversified civilizations and a mix of cultures. As we have learned in school its prime location on the old world map has led to it being cosmopolitan where Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, and Africans meet, trade, and mate. Even throughout modern history, its location has helped shape world politics and economies. Having said that Cairo is one historical hub that is a must visit and a great investment option

Real Estate Laboratory: Property, Leisure & Tourism Formula

Tourism and leisure facilities have always been known to have a profound impact on the value of surrounding properties and the type of clientele they attract, among many other features

2018 Is Year Of Transformation For Egypt’s Hospitality: Colliers

Despite several challenges witnessed in the past years, Egypt’s tourism sector managed to navigate choppy waters and started to bounce back. Invest-Gate interviews Christopher Lund, associate director at Colliers International MENA, to discuss his insights on the tourism market in Egypt and his future outlook.

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