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Heartwork Introduces All-New HQ500 For An Innovative Business Hub

Heartwork innovated by Mountain View, introduced one-of-a-kind “HQ500” as the latest product. It aims to revolutionize the business scene by providing tailor-made buildings to elevate employee’s productivity and nurture their innovative talents. Heartwork is the first international business hub in Egypt, designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience of innovative solutions and privacy to all business types.

Corona vs. Startups: Ticking Time-Bomb or Not?

How hard is the pandemic tightening its grip around the venture capital market? Since the road ahead seems far more daunting, Invest-Gate goes behind the scenes of Egypt’s startup companies and asks experts to identify the challenges arising in light of COVID-19, in an attempt to help entrepreneurs weather the storm.

Investing in Millennials: Agent for Real Estate Development

Invest-Gate presents an overview of some yielding employee-centered strategies that can positively affect the real estate development, while shedding light on how corporates can add more value to their employees by integrating a number of elements to transform their workspace into a source of competitive advantage.

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