A total of 2,000 social housing units will be developed in New Qena City at a total cost of EGP 290 mn by Al Khalifa Housing for Real Estate Investment and the Assiut Businessmen’s Association, according Ahmed Arafa, head of the New Qena Authority, reported Al Mal.

A total of 14 residential buildings will be built for middle-income citizens as part of Dar Misr project, added Arafa, who stated that the city expects a reasonable turnout for the units.

A health unit has been constructed in the social housing project location at a cost of EGP 4.6 mn, and designs are currently being drafted for the development of industrial area that will spread on 150 acres, added Arafa.

A hospital is also being built within the city, expected to be one of the largest hospitals in Upper Egypt, with an area of four acres at a total cost of EGP 160 mn, accommodating 157 beds. Additionally, a youth center is set to be built on 14 acres at a cost of EGP 70 mn.