Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar discusses the implementation of 250,000 new social housing units for youths and low-income earners across different governorates and new cities, Invest-Gate reports.

In a meeting with officials from the Social Housing and Mortgage Finance Fund (SHMFF) and the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), El Gazzar asserts the necessity to offer land plots and determine the number of units to be implemented based on the demand requests received upon announcements release.

Mai Abdel Hameed, the head of SHMFF, clarifies that coordination with governorates, as well as the Ministry of Local Development, takes place to determine the available plots there.

In addition, the minister followed up on the current development of residential units in Badr City, 10th of Ramadan, and New Obour City, as well as the precautionary measures, taken to safeguard the workers from COVID-19.