4th Generation Cities: Opportunities & Challenges

4th Generation Cities: Opportunities & Challenges

Continuing Invest-Gate’s series of roundtables over 2022, Invest-Gate is to hold a roundtable on October 10th at 09:00 am in the Nile Ritz Carlton. Hosting prominent experts in the Egyptian real estate sector, the roundtable carries the title “4th Generation Cities: Opportunities & Challenges.”

Egypt embarked on a host of national projects some years ago to lay out the new infrastructure required for a modern state. The efforts started with an extensive network of roads to connect all the country’s cities with each other, followed by the building of new fourth-generation cities that will provide living areas and services for all social brackets.

The new fourth-generation cities have almost doubled the urbanization rate in Egypt, which for decades stood at around seven per cent of the country’s total area.

The roundtable aims at presenting and exchanging visions and proposals on the future of fourth-generation cities. This falls in line with Invest-Gate’s belief in the importance of discussing opportunities and challenges for fourth-generation cities, which contributes to placing Egypt on the global real estate export map. This, in turn, will positively affect the performance of Egypt’s economy over the coming years.

During the event, experts will discuss the opportunities of the private sector to develop fourth-generation cities in light of the government’s efforts to raise demand for them, in addition to the steps enabling fourth-generation cities to attract investment opportunities inside and outside Egypt and support the export of real estate. They will also tackle the most effective means to reduce the negative impact of the real estate sector on climate change, in conjunction with Egypt’s hosting of the COP 27 climate conference in November in Sharm El Sheikh.

Regarding challenges, real estate experts will discuss the repercussions of the Egyptian and global economic climate that may hinder the implementation of the timetable for fourth generation cities. The roundtable will also highlight problems facing Egyptian and foreign investors to invest in new cities, especially fourth-generation cities, in addition to proposing ways to overcome these challenges. It will also clarify the reasons that stand in the way of the state to build buildings with a LEED certificate in these cities.

This roundtable is sponsored by PARAGON Developments, Nile Developments, and IL CAZAR Developments.




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