Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities Assem El Gazzar approves the design of a new 8km- road, linking New Borg El Arab City, and Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Coastal Highway at an investment coast of EGP 500mn is under study, Invest-Gate reports.

The 8 km- new road will feature seven traffic lanes, including three service lanes, and three bridges. As El Gazzar points out, executing roads and axes are the pillars of the new urban development “to accommodate the current and future population and traffic densities at peak times,” says the minister.

Regarding the infrastructure of the New Borg El Arab City, Ahmed Ibrahim Anwar, head of the New Borg El Arab City Development Authority, notes that trial operations are done and the actual operation of the new pump dormitory project has commenced at a cost of EGP 200 mn. This project serves the sixth and the eighth residential districts.

Moreover, the trial operation of the first phase of the dual treatment station, which is dedicated for industrial purposes, has been started, as a part of the expansion work and raising the station’s efficiency at about EGP 425 mn. Furthermore, the trial operation of the sewage lifting station in the fourth and the fifth districts is underway.

Anwar states that the city witnesses a real development boom in all fields, explaining that 126 acres were previously allocated for the establishment of the central wholesale market, in addition to allocating an area of 350 acres for Alexandria University, 200 acres for the Egyptian-Japanese University, 10 acres for the Technological University, and 10 acres for Senghor University.