AE Media Production, Manara Developments Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Visual Experience in Ain Sokhna

AE Media Production, Manara Developments Collaborate to Deliver Innovative Visual Experience in Ain Sokhna

Dr. Abdel Rahman Essam Arafa, Chairman of AE Media Production, has announced a strategic cooperation agreement for the year 2024 with Manara Developments, Invest-Gate reports.

Under this agreement, AE Media Production will focus on providing advertising and visual works for Manara Developments’ projects in Ain Sokhna, which is located directly in front of El Galala City.

This collaboration aligns with Dr. Abdel Rahman Essam Arafa’s strategic vision of transferring international experiences to the Egyptian real estate market and showcasing the scale of urban development using the latest methods and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Arafa emphasized that his company has not only been showcasing the excellence of the projects it films but also portraying an intelligent image of the urban development taking place in Egypt. These projects are part of a significant urban renaissance and a major development in the Egyptian real estate market.

He explained that his work focuses on producing media materials for various project sites, allowing clients who have booked units to stay informed about the progress being made. This is particularly important for coastal projects where frequent visits may be challenging.

Dr. Arafa highlights that the cooperation with Manara Developments includes smart and innovative filming of their projects in Ain Sokhna, which is located near El Galala City.

Moreover, Manara Developments owns a diverse portfolio of coastal projects, including three projects in Ain Sokhna and near Galala. The company has achieved significant milestones, with the first phase of its projects being delivered this year at the highest level, utilizing the latest technological means in filming and artistic direction.

He notes that the company is currently working on three projects named Bella Vento, Bella East, and Bella Romance in Ain Sokhna. These distinguished projects are located in pivotal positions directly overlooking the sea, offering clients a life full of luxury and vitality. They are also conveniently situated near the El Galala International Yacht Marina. The company has achieved high implementation rates in these projects.


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