Akadia Developments completes the marketing of 92% of the Pagoda Business Complex project in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest- Gate reports.

In this regard, Hana Raouf, chairperson of Akadia Developments, states that the company has achieved record sales since the project’s launch last March.

Raouf explains that Pagoda Business Complex is a medical, administrative, and commercial mall located in the downtown area. It spans over 2,144 sqm, consisting of ground and 10 floors.

He adds that the company cooperates with Tropicana so that the customer purchases the unit and Tropicana contracts with brands for this commercial unit. Accordingly, the customer could achieve a high return on investment (ROI). Besides, the company contracts with Just Fit, a sports brand that is in NAC for the first time.

Furthermore, he remarks that it is planned to deliver the project by the end of 2023, highlighting that Hassan El Zamly will assume the role of engineering consultant for the project. It is worth noting that the company received the project’s land in January.

Additionally, Raouf points out that the company has started excavation work last June, and the company is responsible for the project’s execution, due to its experience in the construction industry.

Moreover, Raouf confirms that the company pays attention to the project’s execution to fulfill its contracts with clients, as well as with the Administrative Capital for Urban Development company (ACUD). In addition to that, Akadia Developments will announce its expansion plans soon.