Akadia Developments is preparing to launch its second project in Central Business District (CBD) at New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.

Akadia Developments CEO Hana Raouf states that the success of the company’s first project in the NAC, Pagoda Business Complex, encouraged it to expand through debuting a second project, noting that NAC captures the interest of all customers in the real estate market.

Additionally, Raouf explains that the new project comprises administrative and commercial units with various spaces and is located on an area of 3,000 sqm.

She further points out that the company plans to be a prominent mark in the NAC’s CBD, adding that the new project would encompass several brands that achieve integration and diversity within the project.

Moreover, she declares that the company has a plan to develop a distinctive project in the CBD that meets the needs of target customers and through which it provides a business environment that helps in performing their tasks in an appropriate work environment; besides, providing various spaces in commercial units to integrate activities within the project.

In this regard, Raouf discloses that consultant office “Yasser Al Beltagy Architects” is contracted to be the engineering consultant for the project. “Commercial and administrative units with high and guaranteed investment returns (ROI) enjoy great demand in NAC as it achieves a renewable return for clients”, he discloses.

Furthermore, Raouf elaborates that Administrative Capital for Urban Development company supports investors operating in the NAC and deals flexibly, noting that the local market needs more real estate products due to urban development that the state is currently implementing, in addition to the presence of strong demand in the local market by all community segments.