Al-Gazzar Inspects Progress in New Qena Projects

Al-Gazzar Inspects Progress in New Qena Projects

Assem Al-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, follows up on the projects implemented in New Qena, Invest-Gate reports.

The Minister of Housing is briefed on the progress of a number of projects in New Qena, the most important of which are housing projects, including the presidential initiative, Housing for all Egyptians, and utility works, as well as service projects that have been and are being operated or implemented in the city, and other projects.

In the same context, Mostafa Saeed, Head of the New Qena Development Authority and Supervisor of the city of West Qena, reveals that the initiative includes 6,800 housing units, of which 5,078 are implemented, and 1,092 units are being implemented in various areas of the city.

Saeed adds that that the projects of utilities, drinking and sewage water stations, roads and agriculture include the implementation of the first phase of the water purification plant with a capacity of 23,000 m3/day, and the New Qena power transformer station, with a voltage of 66/22 kV.

He announces that there are 42 service buildings in the city, including 10 public and private schools are implemented and operated, in addition to a building for the care of special needs, the ambulance building in the first district, and 5 health units.

The top official unveils that a 175-bed hospital is under way in the clubs’ area.

It is worth noting New Qena is situated on 29,485 feddans allocated by presidential decrees no. 197 of 2000 and 217 of 2014.


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