For the first time in Egypt, Al Qubbah Presidential Palace will host the fourth edition of the real estate fair, “The National Expo 2021,” as a major real estate event during the period July 9- 11, Invest-Gate reports.

The exhibition targets promoting the national projects domestically and abroad, since it brings together experts in the organization of real estate exhibitions in the market and major real estate marketing companies, which are seen as the most important factors for the success of real estate exhibitions, in addition to the market studies, on which the exhibitions’ organizers have relied on to identify the requirements of the real estate market and determine investment trends and directions.

Moataz Askar, CEO of The National Expo company, responsible for organizing real estate exhibitions, announces that the Egyptian real estate market was lacking in a national real estate fair commensurate with the size of national projects implemented by the state in new cities and properly represented locally and externally. The market relied on foreign fairs, which did not meet the natural goals of real estate companies, whether public or private sectors.

Moreover, Askar explains, “The National Expo 2021” is scheduled to be held in the Presidential Palace Al Qubbah on July 9, and will be the beginning of a series of local and foreign national exhibitions based on marketing, promotion, and introduction of national projects, foremost of which is the New Administrative Capital (NAC), New Alamein City, City of El Galala, Sokhna, New Mansoura, and New Damietta.

From his part, Ahmed Waked, CEO of the Address Consultancy company, says that new and innovative marketing plans have been created for The National Expo segment. These plans aim to serve the orientations of the state’s leadership and promote real estate projects for the sake of real estate developers and governmental projects, this will help attract new investments by providing studies and a complete database on investment opportunities in each area, the demand volume, consumers’ purchasing power, and the type of real estate products that the market requires to provide qualified investment services to the individuals who desire to invest in the real estate sector during the coming period.

Waked points out that real estate export is one of the priorities of “The National Expo” in the next period, which is planned to be the booming start for the real estate industry, which has witnessed quietness in the past period due to many factors, including the Coronavirus headwinds.

Additionally, the National Exposition company plans to organize its first foreign real estate exhibition in Saudi Arabia, under the state’s support, to begin the first steps of the official representation to the Egyptian real estate export issue.

The National Expo 2021 will focus on real estate and tourism projects in new cities, including NAC, Ain Sokhna, El-Galala City, and New Alamein City; in addition, it will include new coastal projects, residential, administrative, commercial, service, and entertainment projects to highlight these projects, as well as promoting NAC and its projects.

The National Expo 2021 is organized by a consortium of four leading real estate marketing and the organization of exhibitions companies, including the National Exhibition Company, headed by Moataz Askar and  The Address Consultancy, headed by Ahmed Waked, RED Real Estate Marketing Company, headed by Khalid Bahig and Mohamed Banany, and ACG Exhibitions organizing and management company, headed by Ahmed Ghozi.