With investments exceeding EGP 2 bn, Alfath Group for Real Estate Development and Project Management, adds its latest project to NAC, Invest-Gate reports.
Alfath Group for Real Estate Development and Project Management, intends to implement its strongest project yet in the downtown area of ​​the New Administrative Capital NAC. Chairman of the Board of Directors Salah El-Hilali explains that the company aims to achieve sales of more than EGP 1.5 bn; and that the project is a medical commercial administrative complex, planned to be implemented with the highest level of quality and a distinctive architectural character. It is set to be frontrunner for other projects in the downtown  area, made it a priority to the base the development of this project on a strong foundation of previous business- and broad client-base, the company’s statement reads.

Alfath worked on its development over a period of 35 years, where 350 projects in New Cairo and New Heliopolis City were developed, providing a great investment portfolio.

Head of the commercial sector Sherif Al-Ghazaly, reveals that El-Fath Group aims to invest EGP 2 bn during 2021, implementing a series of NAC projects, including commercial, administrative, and medical.

Al-Ghazaly points out that the company previously invested in more than one project in NAC, including the commercial residential project “Entrada” implemented on 72 acres, and “Citadel” in the government district.

He underlines that the company is carrying out several studies of supply and demand, which reveals a high demand for commercial, administrative, and medical real estate to cover the population density that the capital will experience. He highlights that the fourth-generation cities, which the state aims to implement draws inspiration from other global cities.

El-Hilali thanks all the partners of real estate developer and -marketing companies, for  their involvement regarding projects in the Capital, showing resolute effort in enabling this project to be a success, and for its shinning image among other international cities.