Arqa Development is to launch new units in its “I Business Park” towers project, with flexible payment plans offered for the first time in the commercial district at the New Administrative Capital (NAC), Invest-Gate reports.

“The next phase of the “I Business Park” project at NAC will witness multiple features, new distinguished units with flexible payment plans for the first time in the market”, Mohamed Fathy, General Manager of Arqa Development confirms.

This came during Arqa Development’s launch event that took place on November 28, where the company honored its outstanding employees in Q3 2020.

Ahmed Ziada, the company’s marketing director, announced a competition for marketing companies, which he described “as partners of success” and another one for sales consultants of the same companies. Competitions are to take place from December 2020 till the end of January 2021.

Moreover, Ahmed Gamal Al-Din, head of business development, expressed his gratitude to employees, referring to the outstanding sales achievement of the first phase of I Business Park.

He affirmed the strength of the project site and the studies that were prepared before the offering, which included those of the new capital market, competitors, as well as, nature of potential clients and their needs.