Assiut Sees Several Potable Water and Sanitation Projects

Assiut Sees Several Potable Water and Sanitation Projects

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, says that 23 drinking water and sanitation projects are implemented in Assiut, Invest-Gate reports.

Moreover, dozens of projects are being implemented in Assiut to serve rural areas with sanitation through the National Authority of Potable Water and Sewage.

The water projects cover the Dayrout water plant and its networks, three iron and manganese units (Bani Ghaleb – Masraa – Al Hamra), and the treatment of rubbish for eight portable filtered water units. Additionally, the water projects include the completion of the networks of the Dayrout water station and the expansion of the Abnoub and Al-Fath water stations.

In this regard, Major General Ehab Khader, chairman of the National Authority for Drinking Water and Sewage, explains that the total number of rural areas served by sanitation in Assiut is 13 rural areas. Besides, the sewage service has been completed in 19 areas. These areas account for 14.5% of the total rural areas in the governorate with a population of 469,000.

Khader adds that sewage services are being connected to 169 rural areas, including 150 areas of the presidential initiative “Hayah Karima” with 70.4% of the rural population in Assiut.


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