Mansour Group signs a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Right to Dream academy with total investment of EUR 30 mn, to be headquartered on Badya Palm Hills, catering to up-and-coming athletes, Invest-Gate reports.

The academy is set to launch January 2022 on an area of 15 acres. This step comes as an affirmation of Badia’s support for youth in various fields, where this is the first investment model that bring sports and education together. This partnership is an opportunity to all young athletes to develop their sports skills.

Right to Dream Academy aims to create opportunities, from football academies, professional clubs, universities, by establishing a platform to explore and develop sports talent, with a focus on the educational path, following the model of its successful academies in Ghana and Denmark.

Yassin Mansour, chairman and executive group of Palm Hills says, “We are happy with this partnership and by embracing the academy Right to Dream on our land, which confirms that we are working through various partnerships with major international institutions to empower these young people. We hope that this step will be the beginning of the discovery of Egyptian football talents that represent Egypt internationally.”

Regarding the selection of Badia to become the headquarters of the academy, Mohamed Wasfi, managing director of the academy, explains that Right to Dream will cover all the young person’s living expenses, from clothing, nutrition, living to training. “We will certainly work to equip it [the academy] at the highest level for a better future for a new generation of talents,” he says.

The academy enrolls talents from the minimum age of 9 years to a maximum of 17 years in various governorates. The academy will include 29 young people and it is expected that the number will reach 100 people after four years. Moreover, the academy will provide young people with the opportunity to join the team (FC Nordsjaelland), which is active in the Danish Premier League, when they turn 18 years old.