Bayut Academy Launches to Empower Egyptian Real Estate Agents in the Egyptian market

Bayut Academy Launches to Empower Egyptian Real Estate Agents in the Egyptian market

Bayut Academy has been introduced to the Egyptian real estate market with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of real estate agents in Egypt, Invest-Gate reports.

The academy seeks to provide agents with valuable experience that enables them to serve customers according to their specific needs, offering the best real estate consultations and assisting customers in finding the ideal property.

Initially launched as an internal training program for real estate agents of all experience levels in the UAE in 2017, Bayut Academy has been successful in delivering training courses to up to 40 agents per course, effectively helping them enhance their skills and knowledge in the field.

Bayut Academy has gained a strong reputation among professionals in the real estate sector, consequently fostering the development of relationships among real estate agents. As a result, it has become the preferred destination for agents in the UAE.

The academy is now introducing a unique program in Egypt, offering comprehensive training courses that cover various aspects of the real estate industry. These courses will equip agents with the necessary skills, ranging from effective phone communication to sales techniques, providing significant value for both agents and their clients.

Bayut Academy offers courses suitable for beginners as well as more advanced courses for experienced agents, ensuring that all agents can benefit from their training programs. Upon successful completion of each course, agents will receive a certificate from Bayut Academy, which will enhance their professional experience and bolster their resumes.

Bayut Academy trainers, Caroline Tinkle and Moataz Al Smara from the Bayut team in Dubai, possess extensive training experience and a deep understanding of the real estate field. Their expertise has made them the ideal trainers for the launch of Bayut Academy in Egypt.

Agents of all levels of experience are welcome to attend Bayut Academy courses. Since its launch in Egypt in May 2024, two courses have already been conducted, with plans for more courses in the near future.

It is worth noting that Bayut made its entry into the Egyptian real estate market in September 2023, making an immediate impact by offering customers a distinct home searching experience.


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