Bayut Uncovers New Floor Plan Tool for UAE Properties

Bayut Uncovers New Floor Plan Tool for UAE Properties

UAE’s largest online property portal Bayut has launched a new game-changing feature on its website, providing users with detailed 2D and 3D floor plans for over 40,000 property types in the UAE, in an effort to raise convenience for end users and grant agents high-quality leads, Invest-Gate reports.

“Floor plans are frequently requested by potential homebuyers or tenants prior to a physical viewing of a property, especially if they are overseas or far away from the location. However, these details are often unavailable to real estate brokers,” read a statement released on May 6.

This feature, which can now be accessed through Bayut’s website and online application, offers 2D and 3D floor plans that have been designed to provide potential homeowners and tenants with a bird’s-eye view of the desired units, facilitating a better understanding of the scale and positioning of rooms in any property listed on the online portal, according to the statement.

In its statement, Bayut revealed that this new floor plan feature is part of a series of new product launches that the platform is planning for this summer.  The platform will also comprise an exclusive application for registered real estate brokers, dubbed “Bayut Pro.”

Commenting on the initiative, Bayut CEO Haider Ali Khan said, “The addition of comprehensive floor plans for all of Bayut’s listed properties represents our commitment to the industry, our customers and broker partners.”

“By keeping the focus on using technology to facilitate solutions, we have attempted to create products and features that make the customer journey more streamlined and hassle-free, while giving our agents the tools to create more business opportunities,” Khan remarked.


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