Cairo Capital Developments announces the success in accelerating construction rate of Lake West project in Sheikh Zayed City to reach 60% and plans to deliver the 1st phase within a year and a half, Invest-Gate reports.

Yasser Khalaf, Chairman of Cairo Capital Developments, says, “Lake West project is located on 43 acres, on the Dahshur link road and enjoys many surrounding services. Further, the company is developing the project with self-financing with investments worth EGP 1.5bn.”

Khalaf notes that accelerating construction rates is one of the priorities that Cairo Capital focuses on in all its projects. The company has also achieved its marketing goals for the project according to the specified plan, and it is planned to complete selling the entire project by the end of this year.

“West Cairo region is witnessing an integrated urban development, in order to be a tourist capital for Egypt,” he discloses.

Cairo Capital Developments offers flexible payment plans on the Lake West project, starting from 0% down payment and installment plan up to 8 years, with unit spaces ranging from 256 and 385 sqm, in addition to 12 commercial units.