Cairo Capital Developments and Constructions announces its success in marketing about 70% of Lake West 2 project, only one month after launching it, Invest-Gate reports.

Yasser Khalaf, chairman of Cairo Capital, says that the company’s success in marketing this percentage in this record time assures its ability to provide a real estate product that meets market studies and the targeted clients’ needs.

Khalaf clarifies that Lake West 2 is an integrated residential project, that spans over 14 acres. Moreover, it overlooks the Dahshur link, which makes it distinguished with a strategic and central location in the city.

The project also features various units between townhouses, twin houses, and separate villas.

Additionally, the project includes a new real estate product, the “Panoramic Villa”, with a space of 296 sqm. While a separate villa’s space is 282 sqm, twin houses space is 257 sqm. As for townhouse units, they range between 230 and 243 sqm.

Lake West 2 includes a social club and swimming pools, with only 15% built-up area and the rest of the project is allocated for green spaces. It is located at a height of 17 sqm from Sheikh Zayed City, with a 350-sqm facade and units completely overlooking the project interface.

Khalaf assures that the company contracts with the office of Dr. Mohammad Shendy will be the project’s engineering consultant. Likewise, the company is planning to deliver the project within three years.

On the other hand, Khalaf indicates that the company’s success in its 1st project “Lake West 1” in Sheikh Zayed supports the turnout for the new project, as about 60% of its construction is implemented. This proves that Sheikh Zayed has the integration of development and the availability of services.