Cairo Capital Developments has contracted with Technovision to market Lake West project with a new technology that allows the customer to experience their unit of choice via technology.

The contract was signed by Cairo Capital Developments Chairman Yasser Khalaf, and Hisham Negm, founder of Technovision.
Khalaf says that the contract allows his company to benefit from Technovision’s capabilities. Technovision is one of the first companies to provide marketing services with new technologies that are considered a breakthrough in the world of digital marketing.

He adds that Cairo Capital Developments stands at the forefront of providing the latest innovations in the world of digital marketing to their customers through cooperation with Technovision. It aims to provide simulations of their pioneering and distinguished projects in Egypt.

Lake West project, which covers 43 acres, is a distinct project located in New Sheikh Zayed City on the Waslat Dahshur Road, and enjoys many surrounding services. Cairo Capital Developments is developing the project with investments worth EGP 1.5 bn, which is self-financed.

Khalaf points out that the project will be delivered within three years. The company has started construction work, and it is planned that its marketing will be completed in 2022. Additionally, the company offers payment terms of a 0% down-payment and eight years payment plan, which are competitive systems that the company provides to its customers.

For his part, Negm says that Technovision is specialized in developing the latest innovative digital marketing methods, using the latest technical means in embodying and modeling major projects with 5D technologies. He adds that the company is providing this technology for the first time in the Middle East, and the local market. It grants an interactive surrounding environment to be created that allows every user to roam inside the project and simulate virtual reality at all times. This includes tracking shadows and sunlight at any time during the day, in addition to interacting with units and spaces in a realistic way that allows the user to imagine design as a tangible reality.

He points out that Technovision’s modern applications have created a leap in the field of real estate investment. It has helped clients of major projects to choose the appropriate unit that suits needs and aspirations in a residential unit, just to imagine the unit that he buys in its future shape.

Technovision solutions will let Cairo Capital and its customers linking sales system with this project. Available units will be clearly marked out, make the customers able to refine their searches and visit the appropriate unit sorted in terms of area, location, number of rooms, and the required price.