Castle Development and Fawry sign a protocol in collecting customer payments through Fawry service, Invest-Gate reports.

The agreement allows customers to pay installments through two different methods: heading to any of Fawry’s locations or paying online, the statement continues.

The agreement comes as part of Castle Development’s efforts to support their customers and eliminate any obstacles that may come their way; this service will save time and effort while reducing the chances of having to go to a bank or wait in line for long periods to make a payment, according to a company statement on March 11.

This step is in line with Castle Development’s efforts to digitize its services, especially during these times, with the Egyptian government’s work to digitizing all financial services and opting for electronic collection of payments as an alternative to traditional methods, the statement reads.

“We constantly strive to provide our customers with various aspects of convenience and safety while making their daily lives smoother. Recent challenges following the COVID-19 outbreak allowed us to take a more serious approach towards the different ways that ensure our customers are safe as they make payments for their future homes, and this is how we landed on Fawry, a company possessing the latest technologies in its field,” Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Castle Development, is quoted as saying.

He further adds that, “the application of digital solutions across varying sectors is no longer a choice; it has become a requirement as far as future endeavors are concerned. At Castle Development, we believe in the effect digitization has on our work and how it aligns with the government’s efforts of creating a digital Egypt to achieve economic growth. It also has an immense impact on the country’s work towards exporting real estate as Fawry’s services accept payments in USD, EUR, and others, making our products more accessible.”

“Partnering with a developer with premium-quality projects taking place at the New Administrative Capital is a paradigm shift for both parties, especially that Castle Development will be the first real estate developer who uses Fawry’s services to receive installments from its customers. Moreover, the company’s efforts towards digitization and the way it aligns with similar government plans, demonstrate this developer’s remarkable impact on the market,” Hossam Ezz El-Din, CCO of Fawry says.