how to buy Lyrica online CCR Development offers special deals on “Front Gate” project during its participation in the Nextmove Exhibition, Invest-Gate reports.

Matosinhos Raymond Tagyan, CCR Development managing director, says, “Front Gate project is one of the distinctive projects launched and implemented by the company in the New Administrative Capital on an area of ​​4,055 sqm,” pointing that the project is a residential, administrative, commercial, and consists of and 7 floors and ground floor and a hotel. He further adds that the company offers special deals during its participation at Nextmove, including a 10% down payment, a 10% discount, and up to a 10-year installment plan. He points out that the exhibition witnessed a high volume of customers during its period, confirming the strong demand in the local real estate market that keeps the market functioning regardless of the size of the challenges.

“Real estate is a major commodity for all customers and all residential segments, and the New Administrative Capital has acquired more than 50% of the volume of demand in the real estate market,” he highlights. He adds that customers have a strong interest in the projects available at NAC especially with the volume of competition at the new capital, adding that this competition pushes all companies to innovate their offers to the customer.