City Edge Developments (CED) has signed a protocol with Egyptians for Marketing Services “Tazkarti”, one of the subsidiaries of United Media Services company, for the aim of beaches development and management, managing entertainment facilities and all smart services in New Alamein, Invest-Gate reports.

Under this protocol, CED will assign Tazkarti to undertake the planning, executing, managing, operating, and developing of New Alamein beaches in addition to establishing and operating restaurants and cafes.

Tazkarti will also be responsible for all smart solutions and services in the city, including security and safety, waste management, and all other services and facilities within the project that are deemed necessary, as well as all entertainment activities, such as concerts and festive events and sports and Family activities.

“This partnership protocol comes after a thorough study of prominent players in marketing and entertainment industry, where Tazkarti, has proved to be the perfect partner due to its technical and financial capabilities and efficient manpower, that enables it to carry out the most challenging tasks,” stated Mohamed El-Mikawi, CEO of City Edge.

Montasser Al-Nabarawy, Chairman of Tazkarti, stated that he is looking forward to this collaboration with City Edge Developments, expressing how Tazkarti is keen on partnering with leading entities providing a higher quality of entertainment content that meets the customer’s expectations.

“With such big operations, the city is expected to provide thousands of new jobs for youth, and increase the number of tourists to Egypt, through holding concerts, festivals and different kinds of sports activities and events that will attract Egyptians, Arabs, and Foreigners alike,” added Al-Nabarawy, noting to the effort to be exerted by Tazkarti to achieve the government’s vision for growth and support its effort in creating new jobs for youth.

Mohamed Farahat, Chief Operations Officer for New Alamein City, said that This protocol will help put New Alamein city on the map of major international touristic destinations. “I strongly believe that this collaboration between Tazkarti and New Alamein operations team will soon accomplish the vision set for the developments of this prosperous city,” Farahat added.