City Edge Developments Joins Egyptian-Saudi Real Estate Alliance for Collaborative Ventures

City Edge Developments Joins Egyptian-Saudi Real Estate Alliance for Collaborative Ventures

Mohamed Eldahan, CEO of City Edge Developments, has witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Egyptian-Saudi Alliance, Invest-Gate reports.

The alliance comprises ALUPCO (a member of the Olayan Group), Octa International (a member of the Dunes Investment Group), and City Edge Developments.

The MoU focuses on supply logistics for real estate development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which the coalition will undertake both within the Kingdom and beyond.

The areas of collaboration encompass the provision of supplies and local manufacturing for the requirements of real estate development projects in Saudi Arabia. This will be achieved by leveraging the advanced manufacturing capabilities of the factories and companies associated with the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

Furthermore, the alliance will actively participate in the logistical supply of real estate development projects in the Kingdom.

City Edge Developments, in collaboration with its partners, will play a pivotal role in acquiring lands in the Kingdom and developing them. This aligns with the company’s strategic objective of expanding into regional markets, with the Kingdom’s market being of utmost importance.

As one of the largest national real estate development companies affiliated with the Ministry of Housing, City Edge Developments is actively working toward expanding these alliances.

These partnerships reflect the government’s commitment to supporting the national economy through collaboration between government and private sector entities. They also aim to strengthen relations between Egyptian and Arab companies while establishing an integrated and robust industrial strategy.

Additionally, the cooperation entails implementing a digital operating system and smart management in line with international standards, leveraging the growing national expertise in this field, as per the directives of the Minister of Housing.


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