City Edge Development signs a contract with Counsel Masters to manage and operate the commercial part of the “Mamshah Ahl Masr” for a period of nine years.

Following the vision of the government to rehabilitate and upgrade certain sections of Old Cairo, City Edge Development – as a representative of the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), the project owner – signs a contract with Counsel Masters, to manage and operate the commercial part of the “Mamshah Ahl Masr” for a period of nine years, according to an official press release.

The contract between City Edge Development and Council Masters comprises the management of the promenade, including commercial, touristic, recreational, and service activities such as restaurants, cafeterias, shops, garages, and seating areas for receiving the promenade’s visitors.

Moreover, the project encompasses many other activities such as entertainment theatre, parking areas, river marina and an open service area. In addition, a group of advertising spaces along the promenade on both levels and screens will be installed to display the most important national and sports events, so that the project can host recreational, national, and international events throughout the year.

The project begins with the completion of the first phase of 1.8 km overlooking the hotels and hospitality zone, which is located between Imbaba Bridge and 15 May Bridge

It’s noteworthy that the project is a public promenade overlooking the Nile River and open to the public within the state’s plan to redevelop the city of Cairo and create large public spaces for entertainment, tourism, and shopping.

Additionally, it contains an upper walkway with a width of 4.5 m, a lower one with a width of 6.5 m, and a total area of 7,066 sqm. The promenade will encompass 90 shops, restaurants and cafeterias, an open theater with an area of 434 square meters, with three stands with a total length of 315 square meters and a capacity for 1,240 visitors, as well as 300 kiosks for foreign, Arabian services and commercial activities.

For his part, Ashraf Salman, chairman of City Edge Development, states, “The promenade will achieve an important social dimension following the directions of the state under the leadership of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi towards comprehensive development, and the realization of Egypt’s Vision 2030. This vision is currently reflected on the new slogan “The New Republic,” with regard to the plans of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities to achieve the national goal of the project as a touristic promenade overlooking the Nile River, and what it aims at creating a major touristic, entertainment and investment destination for Egyptians.”

In the same context, Mohamed El Mikawi, CEO of City Edge Development, comments, “The contract with Counsel Masters is part of the NUCA’s plan to develop Cairo. We had a general tendency to assign the project management and operation to a major company such as Counsel Masters, which will implement the latest international and touristic standards to provide a new experience for Egyptians and foreigners, through utilizing major local and international brands and the establishment of recreational activities and cultural and seasonal events.”

Furthermore, George Mitri, Chairman of Counsel Masters, declares, “This collaboration is a new step that supports the company’s great expertise in managing this type of the projects. Especially since “Mamshah Ahl Masr” allows the company to showcase its multiple activities and services in managing all tourism, recreational and commercial aspects. The promenade will become one of the most important touristic attractions in Cairo, where the historical area is being developed, by providing new destinations that show the eternal beauty of the Nile.

Furthermore, “the company has technological systems that provide a good experience for walk-goers in a way that maximizes our investments in this field. We are keen on applying the international standards in management, operation, security, safety, and public health to achieve the national goal of the project so that all Egyptians can enjoy a unique experience on the banks of the Nile,” he continues.

It’s worth mentioning that Counsel Masters has the exclusive marketing right for more than 65 local brands and more than 80 international brands, with branches and representative offices in many Arab countries.