Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets, Cityscape Global’s long-awaited announcement hailing excellence in real estate, saw 56 finalists from 12 nations across South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia at a gala event to celebrate their peers, Invest-Gate reports.

The awards recognize the excellence of 12 real estate developments and architecture aspects from commercial to residential, retail, sustainability, community and leisure, and hospitality. The following is the complete list of winners at Cityscape Global 2019 edition:


– Commercial Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Titan Integrity Campus

Architect: One Landscape Design Limited,  India



– Commercial Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: ITC Commercial Development

Architect: Morphogenesis, India




– Community & Culture Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel, UAE




– Community & Culture Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: Al Ain Museum

Architect: Dabbagh Architects, UAE




– Leisure & Hospitality Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Rosewood Hong Kong

Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners, Hong Kong




– Leisure & Hospitality Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: Mui Dinh South Resort

Architect: NDA Group, Vietnam




– Residential – Low to Medium Rise Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Aruá Building

Architect: FGMF Architects, Brazil




– Residential – Low to Medium Rise Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: CER Istanbul – T3

Architect: MUUM, Turkey




– Residential – Medium to High Rise Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Jade Building

Architect: FGMF Architects, Brazil




– Residential – Medium to High Rise Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: 111th SZR Tower

Architect: Killa Design, UAE




– Retail Project Award (BUILT)

Project: Landmark Riverside Park – Phase II: Danzishi Old Street

Architect: LWK+PARTNERS (HK) LTD, China




– Retail Project Award (FUTURE)

Project: Shijiazhuang Zhengding Li Mixed-Use Development

Architect: LWK+PARTNERS (HK) LTD, China




– Sustainability

Project: International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Architect: VERITAS, Malaysia




– Affordable Housing – Judge’s Special Commendation

Project: Parque Residences

Architect: ONG&ONG, Malaysia