Coldwell Banker – Egypt celebrates the launch of its new program, Franchise and Capitalize, enabling investors and entrepreneurs in real estate sector to establish successful projects, expand in existing ones, achieve the well managed, while comply with the framework of the market requirements, Invest-Gate reports.

During the celebration, Coldwell Banker – Egypt announces that more than 2,000 applicants have applied to participate in the program, with Redcon Construction and Yasser Al-Barqouqi being the first to join the Franchise Program.

The event was attended by Eng. Khaled Abbas, Deputy Minister of Housing, Ms. Nicole Shampaine, Deputy Chief of the American Mission at the US Embassy in Cairo, representatives from Coldwell Banker International, along with a large number of real estate experts, success partners, and those interested in cooperating with Coldwell Banker by participating in the Franchise Program.

The launch of the Franchise and Capitalize program falls in line with the vision of Coldwell Banker’s global strategy, which focuses on supporting and developing the Real Estate sector in Egypt. It complements the urban renaissance that is witnessed in Egypt, and the country’s interest in micro, small, and medium enterprises. Furthermore, Coldwell Banker, with the implementation of Franchise and Capitalize program, strives to build a generation of professional Real Estate experts that will cater to all the Egyptian cities, provide job opportunities, and create new investment windows, with guaranteed ROI.

On this occasion, Mohamed Abdullah, chairman of the Board of Directors of Coldwell Banker – Egypt, states, “The real estate sector is currently undergoing several developments, leading to the establishment of new fundamentals, and the application of a new set of standards, which follow Egypt’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Egypt’s 2030 Vision.”

Abdullah adds, “We started our operation in the Egyptian market twenty years ago, and during this time, we have succeeded in building a generation of real estate experts, who are able to think, analyze, and gain the customers’ trust. With the launch of the new Franchise and Capitalize program, we look forward to adding a new chapter to our success story, and providing more advanced real estate advisory services; backed by our global and local expertise.”

Furthermore, Karim Zain, CEO of Coldwell Banker – Egypt, congratulates Redcon Construction and Yasser Al Barquoqi, for being the first to join the franchise program by saying, “Our new “Franchise and Capitalize” program provides the opportunity to benefit from Coldwell Banker’s diversified portfolio of services in Egypt, including marketing studies, asset valuation, capital services, and others related to the real estate sector for the developer and the customer.” He further comments, “We are proud that Coldwell Banker is a trusted source for clients, acknowledged for its use of the latest techniques, to recognize real estate trends, and help customers make calculated decisions, and identify alternatives.”

Regarding the program’s requirements, Sherif Mahmoud, vice president of Coldwell Banker- Egypt for Franchising, explains, “The new Franchise and Capitalize program compels the presence of a legal entity for the company, and a minimum, agreed-upon, capital. Throughout the program, Coldwell Banker seeks to develop the Egyptian real estate market, through supporting and empowering investors, with high-level and effective training programs, and shared experiences. Participants will attend exhibitions, seminars, and conferences, affiliated with Coldwell Banker in America and Egypt, through the Coldwell Banker Academy. They will also gain access to our client network, which holds more than 300 projects.”

Mahmoud adds, “We are proud of the high number of applicants for the program, which has reached 2,000 applications. We are currently reviewing the criteria, and evaluating the applicants, to announce the final participants of the program.” It is noteworthy that Coldwell Banker’s franchise program has achieved great success in the USA. By witnessing a good example unleash, the company endeavors to achieve a similar impeccable impact on the Egyptian real estate sector.